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How to use a warming lubricant.

How to use a warming lubricant.

Heating things up.

If you are familiar with the merits of incorporating lube into your sex life, including, but not limited to, reduced friction and increased pleasure, then perhaps you’ve considered the addition of a warming lubricant. Despite lubricant being widely used and understood, warming lubricants have a reputation as being more intimidating. It’s good to be thoughtful about what you add to your lineup of essentials, but we’ve come a long way since the eyebrow-raising intimacy enhancers of the past. 

For incorporating added sensation, along with the typical added lubrication you’d get out of a water or silicone lubricant, warming lubricants can add a new dimension to solo or partner play. Read on for more on how to (safely) heat things up.

The basics: what is a warming lubricant?

Warming lubricants are lubricants that contain ingredients like capsaicin, a compound found in chili peppers, or peppermint to enhance sensation. Warming lubricants are FDA notified, and can be used internally and externally. Other intimacy enhancers, like serums and oils, for instance, cannot be FDA notified, and are often recommended for external use only. 

When (and where) do you apply?

A warming lubricant can be used in the typical way you’d use lube–add either before for added foreplay fun or during sex. Just keep in mind that as you add more lube, you also add more sensation (maybe that’s what you’re looking for!)

Begin with a small amount of product, and apply externally to the clitoris or penis, or internally to g-spot or anus. Movement will enhance the warming sensation, but feel free to add more product in small amounts to increase sensation. If you need more lubrication but do not want to feel more sensation, add in a water-based lubricant.

Will my partner feel the sensation?

During sex, the warming lubricant can transfer, making it possible for your partner to experience the warming sensation. Discuss this with your partner before use, and if they are not into feeling the heat, fret not: condom use can help prevent the transfer of product. As for transfer of product during oral sex, our warming lubricant, heat, is safe for consumption in small amounts. 

Can I use a warming lubricant solo?

A warming lubricant can absolutely be incorporated into solo sex. Enhancing your solo experience can encourage exploration, familiarity with yourself, and, ultimately, feels really good. Confirm that your warming lubricant can be used with a silicone device, start with a small amount of product, and build up sensation as desired. 

Who shouldn’t use a warming lube?

Because a warming lubricant inherently heightens sensitivity they may not be recommended for those prone to herpes outbreaks, yeast infections, or bacterial vaginosis. If you have sensitive skin, do a patch test of the product. If no reaction occurs after applying to a small patch of skin, start with a very small amount of product externally, prior to using larger quantities of product and/ or using internally.

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