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Have sex, burn calories.

have sex, burn calories.

Does sex count as a workout? It does if you do it the right way. And, personally, we couldn’t think of a better way to burn calories than with an energetic romp between the sheets.

But first, the not-so-good news: Unfortunately, the average sex session doesn’t torch as many calories as, say, a good run outside or a spin class. A study from the University of Montreal found that men usually burn around 100 calories during sex, while women only burn around 69 (men usually weigh more, so they expend more energy).

There are ways, however, to turn your love-making into a better workout.

First of all, being on top is much more likely to get the heart rate going—so be sure to switch positions midway (unless your partner is feeling particularly lazy, in which case burn, baby, burn). Secondly, the more illicit the encounter—and the potential of getting caught—the more rapid your pulse is likely to be. May we suggest some outdoor sex?

And for obvious reasons, sex while standing is much more effort than when lying down. Doggy style, on the other hand, is good for strengthening the core and legs.

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