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From glass to carton.

from glass to carton.

A note on the sustainability of our packaging. 

Our mission is to provide thoughtful and affordable intimacy essentials to all, keeping the planet in mind with every step. Here's a quick look at the sustainability of our product packaging, from tube to carton. 

Outer Packaging
Each of our shipping cartons, both direct-to-consumer and wholesale fulfillment, are locally manufactured with 100% post-consumer recycled fibers.

Secondary Packaging
Each product that requires secondary packaging (tub kit, wipe, vibe) is manufactured with 50% post-consumer recycled fibers and are locally produced where applicable. We have opted against unnecessary secondary-packaging for each of our products to reduce the amount of materials used.


On top of being recyclable, the glass packaging jars for bath, burn, and soak can be repurposed and used as storage containers and planters.

Our current FDA-approved PET plastics are recyclable as we work towards post-consumer options.

wipe is entirely compostable and made of 100% OEKO-TEX® certified fabric. rise is made of 100% natural latex and is biodegradable. 

All of our packaging is 100% recyclable with standard curbside recycling programs or designated recycling facilities. Almost all of our packaging is easily compostable—including shipping cartons (both direct-to-consumer and wholesale fulfillment) and each secondary-packaging where applicable.