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Common questions about masturbation.

common questions about masturbation

A case for me-time.

Throughout the decades, the concept of masturbation (especially in regards to females) has been considered a major taboo. In the 1950s, people believed that it could cause disease, blindness, fatigue, and a decline in overall health. It was considered to be highly unhealthy or even dangerous, but thankfully this notion has started to change in recent years. 

Today, research tells us that there is a multitude of benefits associated with regular masturbation including increased sex drive, sexual satisfaction, and even self-confidence. Because of its complicated history, many people don’t fully understand the topic or even how to do it. Whether you’ve never masturbated before, or you’re someone who does it every single day, there are many questions of interest surrounding masturbation. 

Here’s our list of questions that may help you understand and enjoy masturbation more, as a healthy part of your sexual routine.

Is it common for people of all genders to masturbate?
Yes, people of all genders enjoy masturbation. Regarding the highest frequency, research states that 5% of women masturbate 4-5 times a week, while 20% of men do the same. Studies also tell us that people masturbate in many different ways. In a private space, there’s truly no right or wrong way to do it. The usual act of masturbation involves massaging, rubbing, or touching the genital area in a way that feels best to you personally.

Usually, the genital area is the focus but other erogenous zones are also great places for rubbing, pressing, or massaging. This can include insertion with the fingers or an object, such as a vibrator. You can also use devices on other parts of the body to stimulate those zones—as long as it feels good, you’re doing it right. It’s essential to know that there are many different ways to masturbate, and everyone’s body is different in terms of what works for them. 

Is solo masturbation healthy? 
Yes! It can be great for so many reasons that are associated with good health. It’s also a safe way to really figure out what works turns you on, and to see what you’re comfortable with. If there’s skin irritation involved, try using a natural personal lubricant. Overall, masturbation is healthy for you physically, sexually and emotionally. In fact, orgasm and arousal can actually help to maintain your body’s internal neural, muscular, and circulatory systems. Studies tell us that it’s also an extremely great way to reduce and relieve stress. Emotionally, it’s become associated with people who are able to project and feel an improved, healthier body image. 

Can masturbation help to cultivate better orgasms? 
Absolutely! With or without a partner, masturbation can help us to learn so much about our own bodies and desires. It’s one of the best ways to feel sexual, and it’s an exceptional opportunity to really understand your physical body on a deeper level while exploring various things that may help or enhance orgasm. This can also lead to experiencing new sensations that you’ve not had before. Studies say that 9 out of 10 women who masturbate regularly always experience orgasm, while only 1 in 4 women regularly experience orgasm from penetration during intercourse. Solo masturbation can help increase orgasm in partnered sex. 

Is it bad to masturbate if you’re in a committed partnership? 
Every relationship has its own boundaries, but masturbating when in a partnership is a healthy thing to do. Having partnered sex and masturbating solo should not be considered two mutually exclusive things—they can actually be complementary sexual acts. The experience of masturbating without a partner is often the best way to learn more about your body, which in turn can lead to better, more confident partnered sex. Studies show that all people who masturbate on the regular are able to easily recognize and acknowledge their own sexual needs and desires more. They can also become more aware of what exactly brings them pleasure when having partnered sex, so it’s a win-win situation for everyone. You can also try mutual masturbation with a partner, which can help you learn more about each other’s sexual desires and preferences. 

How often should people be masturbating?
The frequency in which you should be masturbating is definitely a personal thing. It’s absolutely ok to do it often, every now and then, or not at all. There’s nothing wrong with you if you choose to not masturbate, and some people are simply not comfortable with the act. Whatever you do, make sure that the choices are based on what feels good for you personally. 

There are many myths surrounding the topic that have come from ignorance and fear associated with human health and sexuality. Studies tell us that most people do masturbate, and it’s not something that should be thought of as bad or dangerous. It’s a very normal way to figure out your body and perhaps even learn to reach orgasm. So go ahead and treat yourself.

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