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Cinemaude volume 3.

cinemaude volume 3.
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Introducing our series with TeaTime Pictures: Cinemaude. Find maude's Co-Creative Director Dakota Johnson and TeaTime Co-Founder Ro Donnelly's favorite romantic flicks curated monthly.

True Romance, 1993
Directed by: Tony Scott
Starring: Patricia Arquette, Christina Slater

In a screenplay written by Quentin Tarantino, a nerdy, Elvis-obsessed Clarence (Slater) falls in love with Alabama (Arquette), a prostitute. Their love grows and Alabama must tell her pimp—who negative reaction leads Alabama to kill him. The lovers hit the road with the mob hot on their tail.

Where to watch: Hulu

Love & Basketball, 2000
Directed by: Gina Prince-Bythewood
Starring: Sanaa Lathan, Omar Epps, Alfre Woodard

Quincy (Epps) and Monica (Lathan) are childhood friends, growing up in Los Angeles with Basketball at the center of their lives. The film watches the pair through high school into college at USC as they pursue professional careers. Flashing forward, Quincy follows his father's path and goes pro, while Monica plays in Barcelona. The two reunite before Quincy’s wedding, missing each other and their intertwined past.

Where to watch: Demand

Brokeback Mountain, 2005
Directed by: Ang Lee
Starring: Heath Ledger, Jake Gyllenhaal, Michelle Williams, Anne Hathaway

Set in the 60s, rodeo cowboy Jack (Gyllenhaal) and ranch hand Ennis (Ledger) are sent on a job together to herd sheep—Jack makes a drunken pass at Ennis and the two begin a secret relationship. Over the course of 20 years their relationship grows, despite being in heterosexual marriages.

Where to watch: Netflix

Her, 2013
Directed by: Spike Jonze
Starring: Joaquin Phoenix, Amy Adams, Rooney Mara, Olivia Wilde, Scarlett Johansson

The Spike Jonze directed film, centers on a sensitive, heartbroken Theodore (Phoenix)—recently left by his wife. He starts to become attracted to his computer operating system Samantha (Johansson), an AI voice operated system that runs his life. They begin as friends but their complex and unrealistic relationship deepens to love. 

Where to watch: Tubi

The Handmaiden, 2016
Directed by: Park Chan-wook
Starring: Kim Tae-ri, Kim Min0hee, Ha Jung-woo

An orphaned woman (Tae-ri) is woo'd into helping a con man (Jung-woo) seduce a weathly Japanese woman out of her inheritance. As Lady Hideko falls for 'Count Fujiwara', it is revealed more than one con is at play.

Where to watch: Prime Video