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Why rising temps are good for your libido.

Why Rising Temps are Good For Your Libido.

It’s getting hot in here…

Undoubtedly, the phrase “Hot __ Summer” has wormed its way into your present lexicon. But it’s not just about going out tops or the fact that you’re allowed to breathe on strangers again. It’s also about the correlation between libido and temperature –– whether or not users of the term are aware.

Think about it: It’s likely that you’ve noticed a certain *friskiness* in the air come summertime. Not just this summer, but any summer. You’re a shade or two tanner, you’ve got more skin exposed, the allure of proper vacation time hangs in the air (along with the smell of melting trash and ever-present sweat). So, beyond seasonal optimism, is there actually something to be gleaned about sex drives in high temperatures? 

Apparently, in a “Degrees of Pleasure” survey conducted in 2018, researchers concluded that folks in hotter climates had more sex writ large (Miami, for example). But the correlation isn’t purely coincidental. Scientists and psychologists have plenty of info about libido and climbing temperatures. So, here’s what you need to know about sex in a heatwave:

Serotonin, baby

Boosted levels of serotonin are a major positive on all counts under the umbrella of pleasure. And summer sun, which is responsible for raising serotonin levels, might just offer you the overall mood boost you need to get more into...that particular mood.

Vitamin D is hot (it’s a double entendre)

Yeah yeah, vitamins are good for you. Mostly all of them. And vitamin D is certainly a top performer –– but as it turns out, it’s not just good for upping energy levels or soothing skin. It can also make you horny. In men, testosterone levels are known to rise accordingly with doses of vitamin D. And at the same time, a vitamin D shortage in women traditionally lowers libido. So there you have it: The sun is an aphrodisiac of sorts.

Dressing down

Sure, it sounds obvious –– but whether or not you’re fully aware, summer clothing (or the lack thereof) gives way to plenty of exposed bodies. And whether or not you’ve got a specific partner in mind, that means heightened sexual cues are around you all the time. In subtle, ever-building ways, that can amount to a real uptick in libido. 

Vacation, baby

Among the many reasons summer is so earnestly beloved is the proliferation of vacations –– and experiencing new environs, bedrooms, climates, and the like help introduce novelty into our lives, which reinvigorates some of the energy required to maintain a thriving sex life. Think about it: Monotony is a real boner killer. So, getting out of town, whether with a partner or otherwise, can certainly stimulate you in more ways than one.

Heat & orgasm

Scientists have actually proven (statistically, at least) that women are more likely to orgasm at higher temperatures. So….need we say more? 

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