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Your top-level guide to birth control.

Your Top-Level Guide To Birth Control.

From hormonal patches to good ‘ol fashioned condoms.

Joy of child-bearing aside, sex, in the 21st century, has just as much to do with pleasure as it does reproduction. Joy and intimacy are fundamental byproducts –– the stakes surrounding each of our sexual encounters need not be so wildly high. So, in order to hone in on pleasure, it’s essential that we take some necessary precautions. To start, protection with new partners to prevent the spread of STIs. Then: birth control. 

Alas, navigating the birth control landscape can be an intimidating project at best. From hormonal pills (colloquially: “The Pill”) and patches to IUDs, injections, and of course, good ‘ol fashioned condoms, each route comes with its own roster of benefits and inconveniences. And it’s certainly no small task to determine which, exactly, is right for you. So, for the sake of concision, we’ve compiled all the top-level details about the four most popular methods of birth control for your perusal, before you book some time with your gyno to consider your options.

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