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Why "maude"?

Why "maude"?

We get asked a lot, "Why Maude?"

Reason no. 1

"maude" means strength in battle. 

Reason no. 2

The name "maude" is actually a nod to the golden age of condoms – which was only a golden age in that the packaging was beautiful and the names were interesting. Otherwise, it was a tough time for condoms and anything considered "obscene" thanks to the Comstock Laws. Flying under the radar, these brands promoted safe sex subversively.

Reason no. 3

Maude was also a trailblazer for reproductive rights, civil rights and racial and gender equality ("and then there's Maude"). 

Reason no. 4

Maude, to us, is modern (hence The Maudern). And by modern, we mean inclusive and simple.