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why is sex still taboo?

Though we’ve managed to shrug off many of the restrictive societal shackles of history, there’s one that, surprisingly, seems to endure: In many ways, sex and the pleasure associated with it is still considered to be taboo.

But why is that the case?

In short, it’s because sex reminds us of our basic animalistic natures. And since we humans generally like to think of ourselves as evolved, spiritual beings—be that in a religious or more universal sense—the primal act of procreation tends to feel somewhat anathema. In many cases, we even attach shame to such urges, often because of what we are taught as kids.

But as journalist Sue Jaye Johnson argues in her in 2017 TED Talk, we need to shift the way we think about sex, and how we teach our children about it. We should encourage them (and ourselves) to tune into their own sensations and provide them with the language to communicate their desires and emotions, without feeling like they need to shut down or numb out.

In other words, the key to making sex less taboo is by embracing and exploring our own sensuality.

Watch Johnson’s talk here.

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