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The fault in our stars.

the fault in our stars.

Would you let astrology guide your relationships?

Susan Miller’s always-awaited digests, Co-Star’s morning push alerts, and the influx of memes all across Instagram: Astrology has permeated popular culture at rates higher than ever before. While you may have once enjoyed checking your horoscope as you page through a magazine, your sign has even more significance in your day-to-day—especially in your love life.

“What’s your sign?” is hardly a new pick-up-line, but now, it’s far more likely to be followed with: “What about your moon and rising?” We’ve grown even more attached to the cosmos as a way of signifying our personality, that astrological charts now read like a cover letter for potential partners: Pisces might be a bit too emotional, but you know they’ll always be up for a heart-to-heart. A Virgo may ruin the romance by scheduling sex, but at least you’ll have their undivided attention. It’s no wonder Bumble added an option to filter by astrological sign early last year: It’s nice to have an idea what you’re getting into. (And for the record, a study released by the dating app Jaumo in late 2018 found that Scorpios get the most swipes).

But this trend isn’t without its flaws. While some may relate strongly to their star sign, the system can admittedly lead to some stereotypes that give some members of the zodiac bad reputations that aren’t quite deserved (Gemini, we see you and we love you). And while once upon a time you might have checked your crush’s info in an old school birth date compatibility book, it’s a lot more tempting when you can just do it all on your phone. 

This has, inevitably, led to the occasional breakup. One Elite Daily editor wrote about how speaking to an astrologer helped her decide to go through with ending her relationship, and in a Reddit thread, another woman explains that her boyfriend’s growing obsession with his horoscope threatened to cause their breakup. Star-crossed indeed.

Astrology can be enjoyed on a spectrum, from fun, personalized activity, to helpful tool for self-reflection. But if, and when, it leads to generalizations that aren’t totally fair, the cosmos might just be tampering your love life. Everyone deserves a chance, whether the stars are aligned or not. That said, we have a feeling that some signs might feel more compelled to follow the romantic advice of an astrologer than others… And if you subscribe to the hype, find out how venus acts in your sign.

Would your sign follow love advice from an astrologer?

Aries Not a chance—they already have their mind made up.

Taurus Invoke Venus and they’ll hang onto your every word. 

Gemini It depends on the day, the hour, the minute.

Cancer Yes—when fate is involved, they listen up.

Leo Maybe, but mostly if their sign is in the fight.

Virgo No—they can’t have anything interfere with their existing plans.

Libra Fair and balanced is their middle name—it’s hard to argue with that.

Scorpio Absolutely. All’s fair in love and war.

Sagittarius Nope—they’re on their own journey.

Capricorn Yes, but only because it helps them make up their mind and get on their way.

Aquarius No—“rules” are not in their interest. 

Pisces Appeal to their emotions and you have a follower.