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Sex to music.

Sex To Music.

How to build the ultimate mood-setting playlist.

There is perhaps no enterprise more rogue than intercourse to the tune of music on shuffle. In rapid, chaotic succession, you’ll hear vintage Avril Lavigne, followed by Run DMC, then probably a cover of Elton John. Oh and, in addition to undoubtedly encountering a litany of songs that are decidedly unsexy in their own rite, the ramshackle transitions into new rhythms, genres, even volumes every 2 and a half minutes will certainly do very little to help you “lose yourself,” as they say (or as Eminem said in 2002 in a song you likely do not wish to hear during penetration).

That said, bedroom music is not an inherent faux pas. It just requires a bit of curation. When selected with intentionality, music can add another key layer to your sexual experience: It’s added sensory information. The way food, incense, or wax play can add a whole new dimension of stimulation, the evocative intensity of music can help exacerbate or intensify your intimacy. Moreover, the use of rhythm can help your body to settle into some of the more rhythmic aspects of intercourse, itself. 

Plus, it’ll help drown out any odd, squelching bodily sounds. Both for you and your roommate.

But, when it comes to sensual soundtracks, how do you know where to start? Should your playlist span a certain length? Should you be looking for songs of a specific genre? Are you obligated to close out with “I Just Had Sex”? Well, fortunately, we’ve got some insight. When it comes to drafting up your coital musical accompaniment, these are some helpful (read: essential) reminders. 

Consider your transitions

Few things’ll jolts you out of the moment quite so quickly as a uniquely jarring transition. So, while building out your playlist, be sure to choose songs that blend naturally into one another. This is not as complicated as it sounds. You’ll simply need to make sure you’re selecting music of similar genres. Then, check for startling or notably unique intro/outro moments (also, avoid any tracks with spoken monologues. The sudden interruption of a stranger’s voice will certainly not do you any favors in bed).

Utilize full albums

When it comes to transitions, the simplest way to ensure that your music will flow naturally is by leaning on full albums—most of which are uniquely designed to blend smoothly from one song to the next. Nonetheless, the playlist element here is key: Not only can you eliminate any strange reprise or title tracks if you so choose, but you can also upload several albums in a row so you need not “take 5” mid-penetration to select your next album when the first one ends.

Oh, and on that note, keep your playlist on a loop. It can’t hurt. 

No thematic sex songs

Sorry, but it’s true. Streaming “Let’s Get It On” whilst getting it on is nothing short of tacky. The same goes for “Let’s Talk About Sex.” And “I’ll Make Love To You.” And probably anything at all by R. Kelly.

Lyrics are not the priority

The intention here is mood-setting—so lyrics need not be your first consideration. Ideally, neither you nor your partner will be processing any of the copy, here. So take care not to choose any songs with super drawn-out or jarring lyrics that might be in danger of arresting you or your partner’s attention. 

Genre matters

We’re not saying there’s anything wrong with piping to pop-punk, but at the same time, perhaps in the present tense, you do not want to be reminded of the side bangs you sported in 2009. Instead, we recommend going for some vibe-y tunes. If you’re going sexy, try some R&B slow jams (in the vein of The Weeknd, Sade, maybe Blood Orange), and if you’re feeling soft and sensual, try some more melodious tunes (The XX, James Blake, Lucy Daucus). Just keep in mind that your driving playlist and your sex playlist need not be the same. 

Consider your partner’s tastes

Yes, this is your sex playlist. But for intercourse purposes, you’re not the only figure at play here. So, whether you’ve got a consistent partner for whom you can curate this playlist, or you’re simply taking into consideration the fact that your taste is not the only taste, try to get outside of your head (and your own Spotify bubble). Oh, and on that note, not everyone enjoys sex to music. So before you throw it on, check-in.

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