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The most popular food fetishes.

The Most Popular Food Fetishes.

From aphrodisiacs to American Pie. 

For plenty among us, the nexus between food and sex lies somewhere in the territory of whipped cream. Perhaps it's a philosophical commentary on the nature of indulgence, or maybe it has something to do with American Pie, but regardless of its sources, the whole sensual sundae bit prevails. 

That said, even if you’re without a sweet tooth, the acts of ingesting and intercourse cross paths in plenty of other places. The world of food fetishes extends far beyond cans of Reddi-Whip and the occasional strawberry. 

For some context, more broadly speaking, a fetish is any sexual preoccupation or fixation that isn’t deemed traditional—so everything from, say, BDSM to feet to frozen desserts qualifies. And while scientists don’t have many hard and fast explanations for fetishization on the whole, for the most part, it’s believed that they often arise in our psyches after our brains have linked sexual arousal with some otherwise recurring event (does your partner clip their toenails without fail right before you have sex? Well, it’s certainly possible that such a thing would convince your brain that the very act of toenail clipping is a fundamental turn on). 

In any case, when it comes to food fetishes, a similar ethos applies. And because versions of food play are so popular amongst fetish communities, the practice even earned its proper title: Sploshing –– the act of incorporating food into your sex life. Think about it: By nature, food is experiential. Like lighting a candle, or putting on music, it adds one more form of sensory information into your sexual experience. Oral pleasure, two ways.

Now, everyone is welcome to their interpretations when it comes to ranking foods in order of sex appeal. But for the sake of edible engagement, many practitioners tend to favor food items that are somewhat soft and textural: ice cream, chocolate sauce, gravy, mashed potatoes. So, in the spirit of further exploration, according to friends, foes, colleagues, and Reddit users, here are the most common foods for sploshing:

  1. Whipped Cream 
  2. Chocolate Sauce
  3. Raw Egg
  4. Honey
  5. Butter
  6. Strawberries
  7. Cherries
  8. Skittles
  9. Dark Chocolate
  10. Bananas


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