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What is digisexuality?

what is digisexuality?

A new identity that merges man and machine. 

With technology becoming more ingrained into our everyday encounters, it’s also become increasingly more prevalent within our sex lives. Though for some people, the integration of technology goes as far as taking on a new sexual identity that’s called digisexuality. 

So what does it really mean? 

Digisexuality was first introduced in 2017 by researchers Neil McArthur and Markie L.C. Twist who defined the word as what they felt would become a sexual expression in the near future, with people whose primary sexual identity would come from the use of technology.

A recent study even found that 25% of millennials believe that in the future it will be completely normal for people to have intense friendships and romantic relationships with robots. Our relationship with technology as a society has become something that’s highly ingrained, though the argument from behavioral scientists is that the very technology that’s created to help cultivate more connectedness can also prove to fail many of us.

In other studies, researchers have found that some digisexual people are distressed by the fact that they are not able to connect with other human beings, while others are not distressed by the idea of their sexuality being mediated by technology at all. 

While some people are uncomfortable because it’s something that’s been newly introduced in the world of psychology, digisexuals normally report that they’re completely happy with their sexual preferences being technology-driven. And researchers say that virtually everyone has had some level of technology involved within their intimate encounters at this point in time. 

Most human beings do still get the most profound satisfaction and connection by being with other human beings, but some people simply don’t.

No one really knows what the future holds, but it’s almost certain that technology is going to continue to play an increasingly prominent role within our sex lives.

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