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Kick-start your sex life.

kick-start your sex life.

No matter how strong your love for each other might be, in a long-term relationship, you can often find yourself having very little sex—or sometimes none at all.

There can be many different reasons why this might be happening, but, in some cases, it could be that all your sex life needs is, well, a little kick-start.

In theory, it might seem like the longer we go without sex, the more we desire it, but that’s not always how it works. Sexual desire actually increases with regular sexual activity. Yup, a stellar way to improve your sex drive is to have a lot of sex.

Based on her own experiment with her husband, relationship and sex therapist Lisa Thomas suggests that seven consecutive nights of sex is all it takes (more than a year later, they’re still having sex at least every other night).

There are few keys to putting it into practice.

Plan for it.
First, make sure you’re making time for it—schedule the time each night (early, if one or both of you is prone to getting tired) and make sure you stick to it.

Be honest.
In order for the sex to be as enjoyable as possible, be honest with your partner about what really turns you on. And don’t skip out on the foreplay—it’ll likely make the sex a whole lot better

Putting pressure on yourselves can be the ultimate mood killer. Sure, the first time or two might be a little awkward, but just relax, have fun and enjoy it.

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