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Kerrilynn pamer.

kerrilynn pamer.

As a part of our maudern people series, we asked Los Angeles-based entrepreneur Kerrilynn Pamer for insights on modern intimacy. Kerrilynn is the co-founder of the beauty and wellness destination CAP Beauty and co-author of High Vibrational Beauty.


What is your relationship status?

Married. For a long time!

With social distancing & quarantine, how has human contact changed for you?

Honestly not that much, given that my husband and I live together. 

We just moved cross country so we drove 3000 miles in a 16 foot truck with a car attached to the back and two chihuahuas. There wasn’t much social distancing possible during the journey and it took (is taking) us a bit of time to come back to ourselves and each other given the exhaustion and close proximity, but it’s happening. Slowly but surely. 

How do you make time for intimacy?

Time apart makes for the best intimacy in my opinion. Right now we are living in a much bigger space than we were in New York, so it’s nice to come together at the end of the day and make a meal together and sit outside and enjoy it.

How do you keep busy? Do you separate the weekend and weekdays?

Keeping busy has never been an issue for me, keeping not busy is the issue. I try really hard to relax on weekends, but it’s all a learning process. I’m trying to unlearn 25 years of living in the city, but that will more than likely take awhile. 

What is a new activity you are planning to try?

I’ve always been into Ikebana, and am planning on trying that. As well as making miso and doing some ceramics at home.

Do you have a book or movie on your list while home?

I am always reading, but right now all our books are packed and waiting to land in our new home so I’m doing a lot of borrowing. Currently, I’m reading Steve Martin’s An Object of Beauty and The Pomodoro Technique Illustrated. Both are proving to be great reads so far. I like to keep fiction and non-fiction on the nightstand. 

A favorite literary or on-screen romance: 

Connell and Marianne from Normal People are two characters that spoke deeply to me. 

Unexpected turn-on:

I love a thoughtful gift from my husband. 

The perfect date:

I love a day at the beach followed by a nice dinner time spent in bed together.

Your in the mood food: 

Ice cream. 

Drink of choice:

Gerolsteiner mixed with The Light Ray and fresh ginger juice. 

A sexy or intimate song you love:

All My Love by Led Zeppelin. 

Dating advice to your younger self:

Don't worry about the mistakes, you'll find the right one. 

What your parents said about love and relationships:

Sadly they didn't talk too much about either. 

Favorite scent:

Sage and pinon combined with my husband's sweat.