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Censoring emojis.

censoring emojis.


It’s 2019. So the emojis above are obviously sexual innuendos – either that, or a recipe for a disgusting new flavor of La Croix. But Facebook recently made headlines for a new policy censoring sexually suggestive emojis. It’s an effort to stop requests for “nude imagery, sexual partners or sex chat conversations.” To this, let’s wish Facebook good luck. 

They’re not outlawing lone eggplant emojis – but let’s be honest, what good is an eggplant emoji without a thicc peach emoji to go with it? To be fair, the purpose of this policy is to protect vulnerable Facebook users like your racist aunt, your homophobic aunt, and your racist/homophobic aunt. Listen, we all know that people use social media to hook up; it’s part of modern culture. One day we’ll tell our grandkids how Nana slid into Pop Pop’s Tik Tok DMs with a carrot and a donut emoji (hey, they can’t censor everything). 

Maybe the real issue is that the anonymity of technology and social media has permitted us to take bolder actions, while also taking less responsibility for said actions (see also: Internet trolls). Most people would probably rather meet someone in person, get to know them, call them on the phone (gasp!), and ask them out. But when you have an unlimited number of followers trying to show you their most beautiful self, it can be hard (pun intended) not to give them a double-tap and send a few their way.