Jul 07, 2020
maude team

As a part of our maudern people series, we asked New York-based creative Brock DeHaven for insights on modern intimacy. Brock is a style blogger and content creator who focuses on travel and fashion and has worked with brands like Mr. Porter and Lucky Jeans.

What is your relationship status?


In your day to day life, how do you make time for intimacy?

Dinners with a small group of my closest friends, where we play music, card games, and just talk through all that is happening in the world. I also love waking up early on a weekend, going to the farmers market, and just being with my friends and family and aimlessly wandering around New York City. Since the pandemic, I have left the city and have been in Colorado with my family, so it’s been hard to find intimacy, but voice memos and lots of FaceTimes are filling the void for now. 

How do you meet people?

Typically through work, events, or mutual friends. On a rare instance, through Instagram, but only after I’ve extensively vetted their profile and get the approval from all my friends…

What is your stance on dating apps? What is a turn-off or something you look for?

I am not on dating apps and don’t think I ever will be. Shallowness, a lack of empathy, and the inability to be flexible are definitely turn-offs. I am looking for somebody who can make me laugh, who is selfless, and who is always down for an adventure- I am really bad at staying still. 

I feel most loved when


I am accepted and seen while being completely myself.


A favorite literary or on-screen romance:
Pat and Tiffany in ‘Silver Linings Playbook’

Unexpected turn-on:
People who know how to really listen (maybe not so unexpected but really hard to come by)

The perfect date:
Aimlessly wandering around the city, popping into galleries, maybe a museum or two, and then biking home to cook dinner. 

Your in the mood food:
Dark Chocolate

Drink of choice:
A Mexican Mule (the more gingery the better)

A sexy or intimate song you love:
Thinkin Bout You by Frank Ocean

Dating advice to your younger self:
Let your guard down and lower your expectations. 

What your parents said about love and relationships:
I think my parents more lead by example. They just celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary and are as madly in love as they were when they first met. They have always set an example of what a healthy relationship looks like. 

Favorite scent:
Tacit by Aesop or Eucalyptus Essential Oil