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Asian american and pacific islander health resources.

Asian American and Pacific Islander Health Resources.

As a company founded by a WOC, maude was created for all bodies, all genders, all races. That we can even exist is a testament to the shoulders we stand on—those of trailblazing individuals of diverse backgrounds who fought for healthy equity and equality in our industry and beyond. For them, we will always be inclusive, stand against racism, and tell the stories of the voices that brought us to where we are.

In honor of our AAPI brothers and sisters find out how you can support organizations fighting for much-needed change in the world. 
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Asian Mental Health Collective
Works to provide accessible care to Asian communities across the globe with the goal of de-stigmatizing mental health.

Asian Health Services
AHS advocates for low-income communities—providing health, dental and vision services to all regardless of age. 

Association of Asian Pacific Community Health Organizations
AAPCHO advocates for culturally appropriate and linguistically accessible health care programming as a response to the healthcare disparities for Asian and Pacific Islander communities.

Diverse Coalition of Aging
Diverse Elders brings together six organizations that impact policy and advocate for equality in racially and ethnically diverse individuals as they age.

National Asian Pacific Center on Aging
For over 40 years, NAPCA has been working to educate and provide resources to Asian American and Pacific Islanders in their senior years. They focus on long-term care and employment and welfare reform.

National Minority Aids Council
NMAC focuses on health equity for those with HIV AIDS, specifically fighting for education and access within minority communities.

Apicha Center
Apicha provides health access particularly to undeserved AAPI communities, LGBTQ communities, and those with HIV/AIDS.

This 30-year old organization empowers queer and trans API community members through programming on health, education, and social issues.

Asian Pride Project
APP collects the stories of queer AAPI families and individuals, building narratives as a medium for advocacy.

Visibility Project
Visibility project chronicles and uplifts the lives of APA queer and transgender women through narrative, art and social justice focusing on education and language.

National Asian Pacific American Women's Fund
NAPAWF empowers Asian American and Pacific Island women, fighting for reproductive rights and racial equality.

NeedyMeds operates to provide medication that is affordable to all, with no bias by age, race, or preference.