vibe how-tos

how charge the vibe

The vibe comes with a USB charging cable that can be plugged into a wall adapter, computer or power accessory. When the light's on, it's charging. And when it's off, you're ready to go.

Charging time: 1.5–2 hours Runtime: (highest speed) 1–1.5 hours, (lowest speed) 2–2.5 hours.  

power off mode ("airplane mode")

Your vibe has a power off mode. This ensures that it doesn’t go off unexpectedly. Simply hold the button for 3 seconds and wait for two quick, high-speed vibrations accompanied by two flashes of light. To exit “airplane mode” hold the button again for another 3 seconds.

how to use it

To make things simple, there’s a single button that controls the on/off and the vibration.

  • Press the button once to turn it on and the LED light will go on—this is the low setting.
  • Press again to get to the medium setting, a third time to get to the highest vibration, and again to cycle back through to the lowest setting.
  • To turn off the vibe, press and hold the button down for longer than one second. The LED light will go out when it’s off (even the vibe needs its rest).

lubricant usage

We recommend using the vibe with our organic lubricant or any other water-based lubricant of your choice. Avoid use with silicone or oil-based lubricants as it will degrade the silicone.

troubleshooting / tips

  • The vibe runs on a lithium ion battery so there will be battery drainage over time. The vibe is meant to be used and charged as frequently as our phones and tablets. To optimize the vibe's lifespan, it should be charged at least once every 3 months.To make sure your vibe is always in the mood, charge it regularly.
  • If the battery drains completely, the toy will no longer work and cannot be charged.