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vibe faq

How do I use the vibe? 
To make things simple, there’s a single button that controls the on/off and the vibration. Firmly press the button once to turn it on and the LED light will go onthis is the low setting. Press again to get to the medium setting, a third time to get to the highest vibration, and again to cycle back through to the lowest setting. To turn off the vibe, press and hold the button down for two seconds. The LED light will go out when it’s off (even the vibe needs its rest).

Why is my vibe not turning on? 
Your vibe may need to be charged or may have been set in power off mode. Simply hold the button for 3 seconds and wait for two quick, high-speed vibrations accompanied by two flashes of light. To exit power off mode hold the button again for another 3 seconds.

Why isn’t the light on the vibe button turning on?
When the light does not turn on, the vibe is running low on power. Charge it by inserting the USB cord into the connection port on your vibe and either a USB wall adapter (recommended) or port on your computer.

The vibe runs on a lithium ion battery so there will be battery drainage over time. The vibe is meant to be used and charged as frequently as our phones and tablets. To optimize the vibe's lifespan, it should be charged at least once every 3 months. To make sure your vibe is always in the mood, charge it regularly. 

If the battery drains completely, the vibe will no longer work and cannot be charged.

How do I charge the vibe?
Plug your charging cable into a USB wall adapter, computer or power accessory. When the light is on, it's charging. And when it's off, it's ready to go. Charging time: 1.52 hours. Run time: 11.5 hours (highest speed)/22.5 hours (lowest speed).

Why is the vibe taking longer than usual to charge?
In some rare cases, charging may take longer with certain power sources than others. For maximum results, we suggest plugging the USB charging cable into a USB 2.0 or higher wall adapter. Charging in a computer USB adapter is still effective, but may require a longer period of time to achieve a full charge.

How should I clean the vibe?
Wash your vibe after every use (it’s a good idea to clean it beforehand too). Use a mild, unscented hand or dish soap and water or any vibe cleaner.

How should I store the vibe?
Keep it in the maude pouch. Store separately from other devices—devices of different materials can damage each other if left in contact. Keep away from extreme cold or heat.

What is the vibe made of? 
The vibe’s exterior is made of 100% premium soft-touch silicone (RoHs passed and FDA-grade), and is both phthalate-free and latex-free.

Is the vibe waterproof
Yes, the vibe is waterproof and can be used in the shower and bath. If fully submerged, limit use to 30 minutes at a time and within a depth of 1 meter.

Can I use the vibe with lubricant?
We recommend using the vibe with maude shine organic lubricant or any other water-based lubricant of your choice). Avoid use with silicone or oil-based lubricants as it will degrade the silicone.

How do I keep the vibe from turning on in transport?
Press and hold the button for three seconds. The vibe will send out two quick high-speed vibrations and two flashes of light as a confirmation. When locked, it cannot be turned on accidentally (so no embarrassing TSA moments). To unlock, turn it on again and repeat.

Can I purchase a replacement charging cord?
You can visit this page on our site to purchase a replacement charging cord.

Do your vibes come in sanitary wrapping?
Our vibes arrive from the manufacturer sterilized, wrapped in plastic, and in tightly sealed boxes. This wrapping is removed for testing and quality control before orders are sent out from our Brooklyn facility.