shave + soothe faq

Can I use shave + soothe on intimate areas?

Yes, both shave and soothe are safe for full-body use, including intimate areas, underarms, legs, and face.

Are shave + soothe safe for sensitive skin?

Yes, both shave and soothe are dermatologist-tested and is safe for use on sensitive skin. Use on broken skin is not recommended.

Can I use shave if I don't remove hair?

Yes, shave can be used to moisturize skin and soften hair, making it a great product if you'd like to care for skin and hair in intimate areas without removing the hair.

When do I apply shave?

Apply a few drops and rub into skin, effectively preparing skin and hair. Then, wet skin and shave as usual. For areas with courser hair, use a shaving cream- the shave oil will provide additional glide and skin barrier protection.

How much soothe should I use?

Soothe is a concentrated oil blend, use one drop post-shower on ingrown hairs, irritated skin, or wherever needed.