Use heat lubricant as needed to create a warming sensation while supplementing natural moisture. Begin with a small amount of product, and apply externally to clitoris or penis, or internally to g-spot or anus. The warming sensation will be enhanced with movement. Add more product in small amounts to increase sensation as desired. Combine heat with shine organic or any water-based lubricant for increased lubrication without further sensation. Easily washes away with warm water. Latex-friendly.

If you have sensitive skin: do a patch test to confirm the product is compatible with your skin and mucous membranes. If no reaction occurs after applying to a small patch of skin, start with a very small amount of product externally, prior to using larger quantities of product and/ or using internally.

This products is not recommended to those prone to herpes outbreaks, yeast infections, or bacterial vaginosis. Heat is not recommended for use by those with a history of allergies to any ingredients.