wake up right

credit: Le Bains, Paris

Every now and then, waking up feels great. You’re energized; you’re motivated; you’re a vision of high neural functioning and there might as well be a flock of tiny songbirds circling your head, serenading you with sweet songs of workplace productivity.

Other times, waking up doesn’t actually wake you up. You’re conscious and moving, sure, but your brain’s barely firing on one, rusty cylinder. The grog is real, and no matter how much coffee you siphon out of your 24 oz. mug, you just can’t think clearly, communicate enchantingly, or perform at the level you know you’re capable of.

Morning sex to the rescue. Not only does orgasm — or prolonged pleasure — increase oxygen and blood flow to your brain, it also flushes the groggy organ with the vital nutrients it needs to really wake up as well; activating it for the day ahead. And sure, pleasure at any time of day will jumpstart your brain in the same way, but that effect can be uniquely useful in the morning when you have the whole day ahead of your to reap the benefits at work, out shopping for hypoallergenic cats, or whatever it is you do.

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