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on pre-sex rituals.

credit: Photo by Sharon Radisch

We humans are creatures of habit, which is why our lives are so entwined with different rituals.

And we’re not necessarily referring to those of the spiritual kind, but rather the way we approach quotidian actions—making a cup of tea, brushing our teeth, or putting on our shoes, for example.

Such rituals, it seems, also extend to our sex lives. A study by OnePoll found that more than one-third of Americans have some kind of pre-sex ritual. These included such things as taking a shower, lighting a candle, putting on clean underwear, and even going to the gym.

The motivation behind such rituals? In most cases, it’s to build confidence.

For women, rituals tend to be more focused on their appearance, so that they feel less self-conscious about the way they look during sex. Men, on the other hand, are more likely to engage in things that will make them feel more confident about their performance (one-third of men surveyed admitted that, during sex, they're thinking about anything that will help make them last longer).

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