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on being sapiosexual. | maude - sex made simple.

on being sapiosexual.

credit: Photo by David Clarke on Unsplash

Sexual attraction is usually considered a physical thing—the way a particular person looks, moves, feels or even smells can send us into an almost euphoric state of arousal.

But that’s not always the case for everyone.

For some, the attraction is all about the brain. Known as sapiosexuals (sapio meaning “I discern or understand” in Latin), an increasing number of people rate intellect as the all-star element of sexual attraction.

So while a casual brush of skin or smoldering glance might do it for some people, sapiosexuals are most likely to be turned on by deep, intelligent conversation. Interestingly, people who identify as sapiosexual are also less likely to be concerned with religion and more likely to be liberal.

And it's not just about book smarts. The inherent sexiness of intelligence doesn’t just refer to IQ (though a game of Trivial Pursuit can make for excellent foreplay)—it can also be found in someone with a clever wit, worldliness, emotional intelligence or insatiable curiosity.

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