ask maude: when to use lube

04 26 19 — ask maude
When is the best time to use lube?
— Smooth Operator, Louisiana


Dear Smooth,

That’s an excellent question. The great thing about lube is that it’s pretty much an all-star when it comes to sex. Why? Because there are so many different ways to use it that can up your enjoyment level exponentially—whether you’re flying solo or with a partner (or two).

For vaginal intercourse, certain things like hormones, stress, pregnancy, and stage of menstrual cycle can contribute to vaginal dryness, which often makes the friction during sex uncomfortable, especially when you’re using a condom (or dental dam). Though condoms are usually lubricated anyway, an extra drop or two of lube can help alleviate that friction and also prevent the condom from drying out during prolonged sex sessions.

Not everyone needs lube for vaginal sex, but using it during anal sex will likely make things far more enjoyable because there’s no process of self-lubrication to help make the process smoother. And it also comes in, well, handy during a masturbation session, foreplay and massages.

One thing to note: Make sure you’re using the right kind of lube for what you’re doing. Silicone lube is your trusted wingman for anything water-related—shower sex, romps in the ocean—and for any kind of anal play. It’s also longer-lasting than water-based lube, but avoid using it with silicone toys, as it can degrade the material over time. For most other bedroom antics, water-based lube is a sure-fire bet.

And finally, how to use it. A little bit of lube usually goes a long way, so start by putting a few drops on your fingertips and applying it to the area of the body that needs it—you can always add more as things heat up.

Your partner in pleasure,