The Quickie

Puno and Daniel.

“Impetus tincidunt in duo, errem eruditi ad nec, eu mei posse scripta tacimates. Mei in odio errem verear, primis dolorem menandri usu ne.”

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two times too many

my girlfriend lives in brooklyn but was raised in new jersey. while having sex, we could hear a few people out on the street talking about their apartments and rent (her room is about half a level above the street, so no one could see in the windows). at some point one of the men in the conversation said 'i've only been to new jersey twice and that was two times too many.' my girlfriend, while on top, turned towards the window and silently gave the man the double bird, then continued on. Read more daily do

luck ain't got a damn thing to do with it.

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The best time to shake the sheets

Other than “whenever the hell you feel like it o’clock,” there is no real “best” time of day to have sex. That’s why 70 percent of people have sex based not on the celestial positioning of the sun, but on convenient timing, or when they have a momentary lapse in their fully stuffed schedules. That said, there are some trends in the time of day people most like to touch. Recent research has pinpointed the exact time when the majority of people report having satisfying sexual encounters, and that time is … drumroll please …7:30 a.m. According to a recent survey by researchers at Forza Supplements (as well as a small library of other past studies), 7:30 a.m. is when... Read more eye candy, yellow

Today Was a Good Day

Here’s a reason to lay off the snooze button: according to a recent survey by Forza Supplements, sex that takes place early in the morning can set you up for a good day ahead. Researchers found that the “rush of endorphins sparked by sex lowers blood pressure and stress levels, making us feel more upbeat for the rest of the day.”  Read more 1 2 Older articles »