"Meet Maude, the Women-Run Sex Line Promising Good Vibes for All."

04 09 18


What’s the best way to start off the day? With the wellness movement in overdrive, the rituals for new-and-improved living are plenty: hot water with lemon as a digestive wake-up; whole-body dry brushing to boost microcirculation; meditation for a clear mind. But what about a morning romp? Maude—a new collection of pared-down essentials, including condoms, a vibrator, and two takes on lube—is making a case for good sex. “You just bought a $10 juice, but let’s spend some time taking care of yourself in other ways that have similar benefits,” says cofounder Dina Epstein. Like a rush of dopamine, the neurotransmitter connected to the brain’s reward system. Or some good old-fashioned exercise."

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